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Essure Permanent Birth Control is a procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy. This gentle procedure can be performed in a doctor’s office and is covered by most insurance providers. Depending on your specific insurance plan, payment may be as low as a simple co-pay.

The Essure procedure requires no cutting, general anesthesia, hormones or recovery time. It only requires mildly sedating intramuscular and oral pain relief and relaxation medications. Sometimes local anesthesia is also administered to the cervix if needed. The procedure itself takes no longer than ten to fifteen minutes. A soft, flexible micro-insert is  delivered through the vagina and uterus and placed into each fallopian tube. Tissue grows into the micro-insert usually over 3 months and forms a natural barrier so the sperm cannot reach the egg. Most women resume their normal activities within one day. Essure Permanent Birth Control has been FDA approved since 2002. Patients will need a reliable back-up birth control method for 3 months following the procedure and a post-procedure test is recommended to ensure that the procedure has been successful.

Learn more about this procedure by calling Tifton Woman’s Center at (229) 386-1528, visiting the website or by calling the Essure information line at 1 (877)-ESSURE1.

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